Magsafe Gaming Grip


Turn your iPhone into a portable console with Magsafe and Nintendo Joycons


Nintendo Joycon Support came to iPhones in iOS 16, so using my experience in Magsafe and Joycon Accessory Design I decided to create an accessory to turn any Magsafe Compatible iPhone into a mini handheld gaming console.


I wanted to allow any iPhone to fit in the grip, but to create customizability in a slim 3D printed design was extremely difficult due to size constraints. I ended up creating different sized grips for different phone sizes since the basic iPhone 12 and 13 series were the same sizes.

To allow any orientation I originally started with an asymmetric design so the camera bump had space in either landscape orientation, but standardizing one layout allowed for a cleaner look and feel to the product.

Initial Prototype

Initial Design Model

Rough Renders

Quick Material Render for Intended Design Elements