Switch Modgrip


The Switch Modgrip is an open source Nintendo Switch Grip that utilizes ergonomics research so that the user can comfortably game for long periods on end


In May of 2019, I started to get hand cramps from playing too long on my Nintendo Switch and I realized the grip it came with, alongside the console itself weren't exactly ergonomic. I spent all of Summer 2019, developing a 3D printable solution to my problem.

I designed many iterations for the product I now call the Switch Modgrip.


I sketched multiple different iterations of what controller style I wanted, and I ended up getting inspired by the Xbox Controller Orientation.


My first couple versions weren't exactly... ergonomic, but they allowed me to get a decently reliable locking mechanism and rails to slide the grips on and off the switch.

This is my 5th Version of the Switch grip that allowed me to slot the Joycons onto the grip and then either slot them together into the console with a custom backplate, or use a small piece to combine them together into a smaller controller for docked gameplay.

I was asked by a lot of people to create a version that used the actual rails from the original Switch Grip that was included in the box. I took this chance to build a 7th Generation Modgrip that was standalone and a lot more structurally sound using the same grip design as before.



I recieved the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Award Gold Key for Excellence in Art for Architecture & Industrial Design. I also received an award for Achievement in Design & Innovation at my high school for this project.