Kevin Park

Ever since I was a kid, I always had an interest in creating things. I would break apart my favorite toy to see how it works, take garbage from a trash can just so I can create a phone stand out of cardboard and plastic, or just play games that allowed me to explore and create new things.

I was born in San Jose, California which is why I believe I have a huge interest in technology and how things work. After living there for 10 years, I moved out to South Korea where I spent the rest of my Elementary, Middle and High School years. I noticed a lot of people here were involved with academics a lot more than any creative field so I pushed hard to stand out and pursue my passion in creating and designing things.

I explored different skills from programming, video editing, photography, graphic design, animation and finally industrial design. I always believed that knowing many skills would be valuable in my future design career and now know little bit of everything with a primary focus in Industrial Design.

Currently I'm a full time student at Georgia Institute of Technology for a degree in the Bachelor of Science- Industrial Design.